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  1. Open Your Own Thrive Yoga Studio
  2. Convert Your Existing Studio to a Thrive Yoga
  3. Join Our Collective and Maintain Your Brand

We are seeking passionate yogi-preneurs whose heartfelt mission is to create mindful, loving, inclusive communities where everyone can thrive! We walk alongside you in opening your NEW studio or reconfiguring your existing studio, hiring & training the most talented staff, building transformative programming, daily operations, studio marketing, managing studio profitability and the development of your own proprietary revenue streams.

We work together to establish and grow your very own wellness sanctuary. If this resonates with you then you might be exactly who we have been looking for! Use the contact form below to learn more!


WHY would you join THRIVE YOGA Studios?

We serve to restructure, support and grow the abilities of the masses of “neighborhood” yoga studios in America.ย Thrive Yoga Studios exists because we feel that through thoughtful collaboration we can transform our yoga community; improve the value of yoga, strengthen our position as leaders in the world of wellness, and grow our impact! Why? Because we need each other; โ€œNature creates unity even in the parts of a whole.โ€ We invite you to share our mission and join us!

When Brittany started her first yoga studio in 2017, she became intimately familiar with the reasons why yoga studios struggle to exist on their own. Brittany began to identify areas of weakness, and places where she needed professional support. She started to see areas and opportunities where a collective of studios could THRIVE. Brittany started documenting all of her studios successful systems and processes and began building a template that could help other studios be successful. Brittany found simple, clear ways to help ensure that yoga studios can remain sustainable and effective in any community.

Studio owners, just like many small business owners, are not necessarily “business-people.” More often than not, behind every studio is an owner struggling to keep the doors open (so hug that owner next time you see them)! They need support but their low profit margins keep them from getting the support they need. Thrive Yoga Studios understands how to run a profitable studio, develop sound business owners and charge a reasonable fee that does not delay a studio’s financial success. Unlike other yoga studio franchises, Thrive Yoga keeps the cost of doing business affordable and makes it so that studios across the USA can experience the benefits of joining a yoga studio collective. It is our goal to support the opening and development of a sustainable yoga studio in every town in America.

benefits of joining thrive yoga

The practice of yoga has 8 Limbs or “branches.” Asana, also known as the physical postures- most recognized in yoga classes is only ONE of those branches. We have created our own 8 Limbs which help to ensure that the local yoga studio can survive in complex economies. As we expand our studio collective we will serve our studio owners by providing the following products and services:

  • Support with Site Build Out, Studio Launch and Opening (As needed)
  • Business Education, On-boarding and On-going Technical Training for Thrive Yoga Studio Owners
  • On-going Mentorship & Accountability for Thrive Yoga Studio Owners in a Collaborative Studio Owners Network
  • Strategic Oversight with Pricing, Programming and Profitability
  • Brand Development and Marketing Support
  • Human Resources Services & Staff Support
  • Thrive Yoga Studio-wide including Community Programming including; Yoga Teacher Trainings & Yoga Festivals
  • Technical Support
  • Retail Development & Access to Established Partners

Take the first step

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Where do you start?

  • Contact us with your location and/or studio details
  • Speak to our leadership team
  • Learn all of the ways which we operate at Thrive Yoga Studios
  • Receive an invite to join
  • Formalize our relationship
  • Begin branding, onboarding and owner training

Use the contact form below to get started!

Practice With Us In Our Virtual StudioJoin Thrive Yoga Online Today!

The are infinite benefits to having a home yoga practice and now you can do so with the guidance of highly certified teachers! Learn more about Thrive Yoga Online and practice with us from the comfort of your home!

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