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What does it mean to thrive?

To Thrive is to feel joy and to live each day to its highest potential. To Thrive is to understand that we are divine beings and to dedicate each day living our purpose, purposefully. To Thrive is to be able to tap into what makes us extraordinarily creative and to be able to share our gifts with others. To Thrive is to give and receive love as if it was our most valued currency. It seems like a tall order but we know it only takes three things; self-awareness, physical health and community. Our studios serve their communities through equipping humanity with enriched practices and the tools people need to Thrive! Experience it for yourself by visiting one of our studios below!

About our studios



We work as a collective but each of our studios are individually owned and operated. Each studio is a reflection of its local community because we value authenticity and homegrown yoga studios.



We provide a warm atmosphere for personal growth and transformation. Our studios are not fusion, fitness facilities, they are wellness sanctuaries. The practice of yoga is profound and we guaranty our community a profound practice.



Our teachers are master gardeners; they nourish the seeds that lead to tremendous personal and collective awakening. They are experts in the practice; and they facilitated classes that foster introspection and provide tools to teach us what it means to Thrive!



Yoga reminds us that we are more alike than different. Our goal is to nourish a global yoga community via investing in people and nurturing conscious communities that celebrate toxin-free, healthy lifestyles.

Why would you practice at Thrive Yoga Studios?

To practice yoga is to create union between yourself and the divine. To live a yogic life means to live your life with the mind, body and soul in alignment. Asana or the yoga postures is only one aspect of yoga, in fact as a standalone physical effort it is not yoga. At Thrive Yoga Studios you will be rejuvenated through movement and experimenting with the physical postures. You will also experience what it means to intentionally place the mind and you will feel the benefits of quieting your mind. Of equal importance and possibly more value, our teachers will help to illuminate the entire journey to Self. Each time you leave Thrive Yoga you will know your own presence, voice and vitality on a deeper level.ย 

Jen Laggis

Why would you open a thrive yoga studio?

The future of yoga in America is in our hands. We are one of the only organizations that knows how to develop and grow sustainable yoga studios in ANY community. Thrive Yoga Studios became a franchise because we believe that a franchised approach to a studio collective could be incredibly effective in supporting studio owners. Thrive Yoga Studios is the contrasting alternative to the yoga studio franchise brands that are making promises that they can’t keep. Our competitors demand that their studio owners pay a crazy amount of money to open their studios, limit the studios to their trainings and limit their teachers to their trademarked classes. We are the ONLY yoga studio franchise that is not selling fitness and calling it yoga. The cold, yoga studio in a box template will never compare to a homegrown, community studio and that is what we offer! If you want to own and operate a successful yoga studio, be a part of a conscious owners community, benefit from a shared franchised effort AND stay true to your practice, then we invite you to contact us.  We are seeking passionate yogi-preneurs whose heartfelt mission is to create mindful, loving, inclusive communities where everyone can thrive!  We walk alongside you in opening your studio, hiring and training the most talented staff, building transformative programming, implementing easy to follow systems and managing your studios profitability. Together we work to establish and grow your very own wellness sanctuary. If this resonates with you then you might be exactly who we have been looking for! Contact us today to learn more!

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