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Brittany Phelps

meet our founder

Namaste Friends! 

For the last fourteen years I have been fortunate to work in yoga studios and I have witnessed the radiating effects of practicing mindfulness, compassion and developing our collective awareness. I believe that we can alter the course of humanity for the better, and simultaneously create long-lasting change; via one studio at a time. Thrive Yoga Studios foster the development of living yogis and we work to apply the principles of yoga to our daily lives. Our practice permeates all avenues of how we teach, lead, interact with and run our personal and professional lives.

I have been blessed to step out of the norm and truly live as a yogi-preneur. Thus far it has been the greatest adventure of my life; full of taking risks, facing fears, accepting challenges, developing patience, adapting to environments, and evolving to live into my highest potential. Thank goodness for my yoga practice! I have become intimately aware that it’s not about the summit, it is about each individual’s journey to thrive, to live a meaningful life, and to do “work” that benefits all beings. 

It is my life’s work to further the purpose of Thrive Yoga; Thrive Yoga Studios serve thriving communities through equipping humanity with enriched practices and the tools people need to live meaningful, expressive, joyous lives.” I hope that at some point, you can join us and choose Thrive Yoga as your yoga hOMe. I would personally love the opportunity to practice, train and travel with you! Until then, stay connected with us and remember as Krishna said, ““It is better to do one’s own dharma imperfectly, than another’s perfectly.


Brittany (Phelps) Romano

Our Leadership Team


Brittany Romano, Founder + CEO

Brittany Romano has an adventurous spirit and a love for the outdoors. She is an avid runner, skier, dirt biker and yogi. Brittany is fanatic about integrating the principles of yoga in all of her adventures including her businesses. Brittany has an extensive background in health and wellness including a Master’s Degree in Public Health. She began teaching yoga in 2008 and she opened her first yoga studio in Crested Butte, Colorado in 2017. By 2019 Brittany grew to three studio locations and in 2020, she found devoted new owners for each location. She then converted her brand into a licensed brand known as Thrive Yoga Studios. In 2021 Thrive Yoga Studios expanded to Gunnison, CO, Frisco, CO, Eagle, CO and two locations in College Station, Texas. Brittany is currently working on the opening of three additional locations and continues to work on furthering the purpose of Thrive Yoga Studios through improving brand awareness, creating franchise and real estate development opportunities, building the brand support team, opening new studios, and converting existing studios.

You can contact Brittany at

Sarah.Woodward-35 (2)

Sarah Woodward, director of Operations

Sarah Woodward is the Thrive Yoga Studios operations manager. She is excited about spreading the Thrive Yoga love far and wide through trainings and retreats. Sarah bounced between many states and countries before settling in mountains of Summit County, Colorado. She has years of experience as a marketing coordinator, a wine specialist, and an English teacher. However, it was her management role at a growing Boulder yoga studio that prepared her step into the Thrive Yoga family. Sarah believes that yoga offers more growth than any other practice and hopes that all who feel called have the courage to step onto the mat. She is currently working toward her 500-hour certification with the goal of supporting and leading international trainings. 

Outside of the studio, Sarah enjoys frolicking in the snow with her dog, trying to speak French, and experimenting in the kitchen.

You can contact Sarah at


olivia reed, Marketing Manager

Olivia is an elopement photographer by weekend and a marketer by weekday! Along with capturing couples in love, she is passionate about helping small businesses accomplish their marketing goals. She has loved coming to classes at Thrive Yoga and is so excited to be involved in the community.

You can contact Olivia at


Lilavati eberle, director of logistics

Lilavati grew up in Vermont, earned her B.A. in Theater Arts at Berea College and worked in professional theater for 10 years, before being called to get certified as a yoga instructor. In 2017, she moved to Yogaville, an ashram in Virginia, and while living there for 12 years earned her 500 hour teaching certificate. She joined Thrive Yoga Studios in March of 2022 and teaches Hatha, Slow Flow, Vinyasa, Yoga Basics and Yin. She is married and has two amazing sons, a huge goldendoodle and a cheeky cat.


allie Mcfarland, Retail coordinator

A native of Crested Butte, Colorado, Allie is an ardent movement facilitator and has an extensive background in dance instruction and choreography. Since receiving her RYT-200 certification, she has expanded her movement knowledge to include teaching vinyasa, slow flow and power yoga. Allie’s love for yoga is rooted in her passion for body awareness and the desire for conscious living through the integration of body, mind and spirit. In her classes, you can expect a focus on creative sequencing and alignment with hints of her choreography experience interwoven throughout to create a streamlined and powerful flow.

Thrive Yoga Owners Community

Brittany Phelps
Thrive Yoga Crested Butte is one of our flagship locations. This studio, Thrive Yoga Summit and Thrive Yoga Online are owned and operated by Brittany Romano and her amazing team of teachers. 

Dr. Kelli Norgaard holds an RYT-500 with Yoga Alliance & a Doctorate in Education from The University of Louisiana at Monroe. She has worked 28 years in public education & over the last several years, has had the incredible opportunity to merge her educator & yogi paths. Kelli believes that social-emotional health & intelligence are the greatest things that a person can have in their toolbox & her life’s work is to provide pathways for both children & adults to develop those tools. She has been a practicing yogi for over 14 years, but says that she has only truly begun to understand what it means to take her practice “off my mat & into the world”, especially through living out the Yamas & Niyamas. Kelli’s goal in opening The Bridge Yoga, a Thrive Yoga Collective Studio is to provide a place where ANYone in our community can find a place where they BELONG. Her mission is to help others see that yoga & the tools it provides are truly for ALL people. She is committed to providing a studio space that is financially. geographically & culturally accessible to everyone. 

Hannah Knauer & Sofia Chay had the vision of provide every person in Eagle County a place to nurture full body vitality for their own mental, physical, emotional wellbeing and longevity. You can find them at the studio working to cultivate community and connection through moments of presence, reflection, playfulness, and inner healing. Learn more about them here! 

Thrive Yoga Studios
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