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We serve to restructure, support and grow the abilities of the masses of “neighborhood” yoga studios in America. Thrive Yoga Studios exists because we feel that through thoughtful collaboration we can transform our yoga community; improve the value of yoga, strengthen our position as leaders in the world of wellness, and grow our impact! If you want to own and operate a successful yoga studio, be a part of a franchised studio owners community AND stay true to your practice, then we invite you to contact us. 

WHY Choose to join THRIVE YOGA Studios?

When our founder Brittany first started her first yoga studio she became intimately familiar with the reasons why yoga studios struggle to exist on their own. Brittany began to identify areas of weakness, and places where she needed professional support. She started to see areas and opportunities where a collective of studios could THRIVE. Brittany started documenting all of her studios successful systems and she began building a template that could help other studios be successful. Brittany found simple, clear ways to help ensure that yoga studios can remain sustainable and effective in any community.

Studio owners, just like many small business owners, are not necessarily “business-people.” They need support but the industry-wide low profit margins keep them from getting the support they need. Thrive Yoga Studios understands how to run a profitable studio, develop sound business owners and charge a reasonable fee that does not delay a studio’s financial success. Unlike other yoga studio franchises, Thrive Yoga keeps the cost of doing business affordable and makes it so that studios across the USA can experience the benefits of joining a yoga studio collective. It is our goal to support the opening and development of a sustainable yoga studio in every town in America.

benefits of joining thrive yoga


All of our owners receive monthly training calls and on-going mentorship from our leadership team. Owners also gain access to our collaborative studio owners network.


We offer over 300 hours of pre-opening training. By the time you reach your grand opening you will know just about everything you need to run a successful studio!


Each studio is designed to be a unique expression of the local community and the individual owner. We offer guidelines that will let your personal vision shine!


We work together to build your perfect team including staff and teachers. We offer on-boarding and trainings to help your staff become an extension of your thriving culture.


Our marketing staff provides you with all the assets you need to grow your studio. We take care of national marketing and we work with you to reach as many local and regional students. 


Our studios are also yoga boutiques and we teach you how to run a successful shop and provide access to our established partners.


We meet with you monthly to discuss profitability, pricing, programming and products. You stay informed and we keep our finger on the pulse. 


We provide technical support 24/7 and our continued guidance and monitoring of your systems helps you focus on the most important aspects of running your studio!

Open your own Thrive Yoga studio

We walk alongside you in opening your studio, hiring and training the most talented staff, building transformative programming, implementing easy to follow systems and managing your studios profitability.

We work together to establish and grow your very own wellness sanctuary. 

convert your existing studio

We know that you poured your heart and soul into your studio. We will honor that dedication AND provide you with the tools and support you need to turn your existing concept into a profitable, balanced and exciting place for you or someone else to own and operate. 


Maintain Your
existing Brand

Congratulations! You have had a lot of success with your branded studio! We don’t want to interfere with that and yet maybe we can help your vision expand! Join our studio collective and see what your studios future holds!


invest in yourself and your community

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  • Contact us with your location and/or studio details and we will share about AVAILABLE MARKETS + OWNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES
  • We will reach out to you to schedule an INTRODUCTORY CALL
  • You will have the chance to speak directly to our leadership team
  • We review our Franchise Disclose Document and prepare you for next steps
  • We schedule a SUPPORT CALL to show you how we will support you
  • You will receive a formal INVITATION to join us 
  • We start OWNER TRAINING + ON-BOARDING right away!
  • We meet for a DISCOVERY DAY
  • We begin the BRANDING and PLANNING of your studio!

Use the contact form below to get started!

Thrive Yoga Studios
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