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I don’t love franchises, but I do love Thrive Yoga. 

I don’t love franchises…but I love Thrive Yoga. It’s true, I’m extremely biased, because I love, love, LOVE Thrive Yoga! If you read the last blog post, you will now know that Thrive Yoga exists in the middle of the “yoga market,” somewhere between charmingly local and scalably dialed. We did that intentionally because we aren’t solely motivated to be the winning-est group of studios or a fitness franchise (ahem! we aren’t your average franchise). However we do hope to claim space in the “franchise arena” because it can allow for us to grow large enough to have a significant impact. We care about the future of yoga and we are concerned for the well-being of yoga studios, studio owners, yoga teachers and students. COVID showed us how fragile the industry is and we became inspired to build a platform that ensured stability and sustainability for all. 

In summary, there are now two distinct ways to engage with Thrive Yoga; one is the path to becoming a Thrive Yoga Studio Owner and the other is joining the Thrive Yoga Collective. Becoming a Thrive Yoga has a very special set of benefits that result in ownership, education and equity. Joining the Thrive Yoga Collective was founded to support all yoga studios regardless of their branding and has a different set of benefits. It might sound crazy, but we believe in abundance and collaboration. We have come to realize that we are all working towards a similar goal of global awakening. That is why we feel confident building an online collective where all studios can participate in industry-wide movements and benefit from our collective efforts while maintaining their own unique identity. The Thrive Yoga Collective will be live in March 2021. Please join our newsletter to stay informed of when registration opens.

Here are a few more reasons why you might love Thrive Yoga Studios and the Thrive Yoga Collective:

  • We support the studio owner and the yoga industry at large through hosting an entrepreneurial, more like Prana-Preneurial collective. 
  • Both the Thrive Yoga Collective and Thrive Yoga Studios provide yoga studios with the support they need to not get bulldozed by virtual yoga marketing agencies or bullied by fitness franchise conglomerates. 
  • Our success starts with cultivating the strongest studio owners possible! We train studio owners to be exceptional business owners, mindful leaders and conscious communicators. 
    • We keep it real and would never lie, over-project or overpromise. Though our margins are seemingly amongst the top in the industry and still improving.
    • In fact, it is in our best interest to teach our owners the worst case scenario and help them acquire necessary skills to build preventive mechanisms. 
  • We don’t make promises we can’t keep.
  • We work to increase the value of yoga. Ask us how! 
  • We are always going to pursue a team of top talent including Executive, Owners, Teachers and Staff. 
  • We aim to help our studio owners buy their buildings and build real equity.
  • Our spaces are designed by the owner, match the local vibe and are infamous for being warm and welcoming.
  • Our branding is shared; it is also highly localized and recognizable. Learn more about the marketing package that you receive when you become a Thrive Yoga Studio here.
  • We trust in the value of yoga, therefore we believe it doesn’t need further commoditization. We are not salespeople, we are educators.
  • We encourage owners to offer as many kinds of yoga as possible. It is not unusual for a Thrive Yoga to have 10-15 different styles of yoga.
  • We will help you build upwards of 7 revenue streams within each studio so that owners are earning 6 figures and feel good about it!
  • We want our owners to be running a thriving lifestyle business; ain’t nobody got time for stressed, financially strapped, anxious or jaded yogis!
  • We work as a team in the business, and on the business. 
  • We value our staff, ALL OF THEM and we take care of each other. Staff are our top priority and we spend years building our staff tribe. 
  • We gladly step into industry leadership and encourage our owners to do so as well.
  • We feel confident with our buy-in fees and our pricing model because we know that you can trust your return on investment. 
  • Together we are working towards a shift in the American lifestyle; we envision an America where people go to yoga as a normal part of their daily routine!

We are living in a critical time, one of great uncertainty and opportunity. Uncertain because many are not sure what the future holds for yogis. Opportunistic because the demand for health reform is unparalleled and as you know, yoga is one of the few practices proven to prevent chronic physical, mental and subtle dis-ease. If you are airing on the side of uncertainty and are uncomfortable with the prospect of what the future holds for yogis, it is likely because you are sitting on the sidelines. If you want to move from feeling uncertain to opportunistic, you need to stop watching powerlessly and get involved! The future is not an ethereal concept; it is determined by our collective decision making, efforts and presence. 

COVID changed some things about the way we practice yoga, and it exposed a lot of what has been broken in our culture. In the eyes of an eternal optimist, I feel that it created opportunities for studio owners and aspiring studio owners to step into leadership and start steering the ship towards a sound, and wholesome future. It is a surprisingly good time to snag vacant spaces, obtain business funding and open your own studio. In fact, we are announcing our third official location this month. 2021 has the potential to be a big year of recovery for the yoga industry. It is likely that we will witness noticeable expansion with new studios opening nationwide. So I have to ask, are you going to sit on the sidelines and watch, or start pursuing your passion project? 

If you’re like us, you’re going to jump in! Contact us to discuss opportunities in more detail.

With love and enthusiasm,

Brittany P.

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