Build Your Own Studio Brand or Choose the Thrive Yoga Brand?

Building a yoga studio brand is not an easy task. Many associate building a brand with naming your studio, designing a logo, picking a color scheme, and claiming a slogan or catchphrase; but creating a logo and a color-way is just the beginning of your studio’s branding journey. If you’re reading this article, then you probably know that your brand also includes the fonts you choose, your website, all your content and marketing themes, your social presence, the tone of your communication, the vibe you create and most importantly the reputation you earn. 

A mentor of mine once said that your “brand only exists when you acquire your first customer” AND “a well orchestrated brand is when what the business says they do, matches what the customer’s actual experience is.” According to Shopify, a brand is “how people perceive you wherever they interact with your business—both the impressions you can control and the ones you can’t.”  

The act of intentionally developing a brand requires a period of sound questioning and personal reflection. Brands are stronger when they have completed phases of market research and have obtained consumer feedback. It is critical to obtain proof that you’re brand resonates with those that you hope to obtain as future staff, students and customers.

Maintaining a brand is complex and getting all the components of your brand to synchronize and remain consistent requires patience, dedicated behaviors and commitment to your internal marketing systems. Branding is a component of marketing; and if you do NOT love marketing or if the prospect of continuously selling your brand makes you feel a little icky inside, then you might want to spend some time identifying the added resources that you will need to ensure your studio business is successful. 

For those existing studio owners or aspiring studio owners that have a strong disdain, or an “allergy” to sales and marketing, we encourage you to consider the benefits of joining an existing brand, like Thrive Yoga.  

By choosing to open a Thrive Yoga you will receive the following: 

  • A robust ThriveTribe Brand Package; containing multiple logos, font types, color-ways, brand usage guidelines as well as a branding standards document. 
  • A custom website, chock full of content, that is designed, built and managed for your studio at no additional charge. (This is a huge savings because a website and brand package for a small, low-functioning site can cost anywhere between $3,000-$20,000!)
  • A customized Communication Strategy and Marketing Plan.
  • Access to our graphic design and web development teams at very affordable rates.
  • Access to all Thrive Yoga marketing and promotional templates including schedules, flyers, social media templates, digital newsletters, business cards, apparel and MORE!
  • Clearly organized branding systems that are available to you 24/7. 
  • Access to our existing contact lists and support in building your own!

By choosing to operate as a Thrive Yoga you will experience the following: 

  • The ease of managing a brand that shares your values.
  • The ability to obtain customer trust instead of needing years to build it.
  • More effective marketing plans because you don’t need to build brand recognition.
  • Immediate relationships with wellness & yoga industry media organizations.
  • Easy introduction of new locations, services and products — again, because you aren’t spending time building brand recognition. (Thrive Yoga HQ will focus on increasing our collective brand recognition, so you don’t have to!)
  • Less time wasted on organizing, converting, sizing and managing digital marketing assets! They are always just a few clicks away!
  • The ability to simply edit web content instead of create it! This will save you an enormous amount of time so that you can focus your creative energy on operating your business and building transformative programing for your community. 

Furthermore, when you choose to work with the Thrive Yoga brand, it helps you do the following:

  • Get approved for business related lending with lower interest rates because the brand is known and there is proof of concept. 
  • Secure a better location or space with better lease terms. Prospective landlords can feel secure knowing that the Thrive Yoga brand is dependable and therefore can reach out to relevant parties for references. 

Lastly, as a team, we help you overcome your disdain for marketing and sales. A big benefit of Thrive Yoga ownership is access to Prana-Preneurs where you are trained to be a professional and mindful marketer. In the early years, we will help carry your marketing so that you can focus on what you love. When you are ready, we will hand you back the reins so that you are the autonomous leader behind your studios potently, profound messaging.

We are interested and excited to work with both existing studio owners and aspiring studio owners.

If you would like more information about opening a Thrive Yoga, please contact Brittany at