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Thrive Yoga Studios is a yoga studio collective and a social impact brand that values high quality yoga and thriving communities. We are known for bringing people together, creating yoga industry leaders, and profoundly empowering everyone that walks through our doors. Our leadership team has extensive experience in public health, community development, and conscious entrepreneurship. We own and operate studios and we also offer yoga studio franchise opportunities to yogis that are also entrepreneurial (first, a yogi). We franchised our studio concept because we felt it was a critical step to improving the value and importance of “real” yoga in America. Read more about this below.


After the pandemic a surge of new yoga studios opened. It is important to note that we are thrilled that there are more opportunities for people to practice yoga and we hope that this trend continues. However we noticed that thousands of “yoga” studios opened but their primary offering is not yoga. In fact some of the largest new yoga franchises coined “boutique fitness” as a new term to describe their offering. If you’re still reading this you probably already know that asana is only one component of yoga and therefore, in our opinion boutique fitness does not describe what an actual yoga studio franchise has to offer. Thrive Yoga Studios is unique because we leverage the power of a franchised yoga studio collective but we understand that yoga is an inward journey, and a path to transformation. There is both an art and a science to the teachings of yoga and the teachings have been proven effective for over 2,000 years. Similar to our competitors we offer a successful studio template. Unlike our competitors we stay true to yoga, we trust the teachings and we do not feel compelled to trademark and mandate fusion, modernized, or branded experiences in our studios. Generally speaking, franchises are chasing numbers; and they want to be acquired by large investment firms. Thrive Yoga Studios is unlike any other franchise. Of course we are aware of critical business figures and the importance of volume and certain thresholds, but we aren’t trying to sell out of the industry. Our vision is to entirely transform the yoga studio franchise concept and make it so that studios can THRIVE despite any and all economic circumstance.  



We serve to help awaken as many people as possible through the powerful practices of yoga and mindfulness. The practices are profound and we guarantee our students real yoga.


We host, empower and invest in the futures of the world's best yoga teachers. Our events and trainings are world class and we are improving the value of yoga across the country.


Our studios are conscious businesses and we actively work in and on our communities to create a more awakened state. We know how to make a difference.


If you want to own and operate a successful yoga studio, be a part of a franchised studio owners community AND stay true to your practice, then we invite you to contact us. We walk alongside you in opening your studio, hiring and training the most talented staff, building transformative programming, implementing easy to follow systems and managing your studios profitability. Together we work to establish and grow your very own wellness sanctuary. 

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